Pickleball Courts

Immerse yourself in the thriving world of Pickleball, a rapidly growing sensation in the United States. Known for its easy learning curve and universal appeal, Pickleball is a game that transcends age, captivating both young enthusiasts and seasoned seniors alike. Picture the realization of your dream court, expertly brought to life by the craftsmanship of Blue Rocky Mountain Construction!

Multi-Sport Courts

Elevate your backyard experience with our high-performance multi-sport courts. Transform your outdoor space into a versatile haven, where family and friends can relish the thrill of a Pickleball match one day and the excitement of a basketball game the next. Blue Rocky Mountain Construction brings you the flexibility to enjoy a range of sports right in your own backyard!

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How We Build Courts

1. Layout and Staking:
Begin by setting concrete stakes at each corner to outline the court's dimensions.

2. Elevation Check:
Utilize a transit laser to determine ground elevation and set string lines accordingly. Ensure that the slope is 1%.

3. Excavation:
Dig at least 6 inches, or until reaching stable soil. Compact the soil for a secure base.

4. Base Preparation:
Lay 4 to 6 inches of gravel, compact thoroughly, ensuring a solid foundation.

5. Additional Features (Pre-Pour):
•LED Lights and/or Basketball Standard: Dig specified footings.
•Chainlink Fencing: Dig footings, set posts, and pour concrete.
•Pickleball Net Inground: Dig footings and set sleeves.

6. Temperature Management:
Cover the base with concrete blankets to prevent freezing until the concrete is poured.

7. Forming and Reinforcement:
Form edges, lay vapor barrier, and strategically place rebar for support.

8. Concrete Pouring:
Pour and screed 5000psi concrete, ensuring a level surface.

9. Additional Features (Post-Pour):
•LED Lights and/or Basketball Standard: Install J-bolts with rebar.
•Chainlink Fencing: Install fabric and hardware one week after the pour.

10. Finishing Touches:
Float the surface for smoothness, use an edging tool for clean edges, and address any imperfections.

11. Joint Sawing:
Saw-cut joints between 6 to 18 hours after pouring.

12. Post-Curing Installations:
•Chainlink Fencing and LED Lights/Basketball Standard: Install one week after pouring.

13. Painting and Marking (If Desired):
•Pressure wash the concrete 30 days after pouring.
•Add acid for surface preparation, fill joints with sealant.
•Apply resurfacer and acrylic paint.
•Measure and mark the designated kitchen area, then paint lines.

Following these steps ensures a systematic and efficient construction process for your court, combining precision with practicality.

Sport Courts Retaining Walls Concrete

At Blue Rocky Mountain Construction, we take immense pride in the commitment to elevate your future home to unparalleled excellence. Our team boasts highly skilled operators, each with years of rigorous training, ensuring that every project we undertake is not only marked by a commitment to safety but also distinguished by an unparalleled level of efficiency. Your vision for a dream home meets its match in our dedication to craftsmanship and precision.

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